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Technology Commercialization

We specialize in the commercialization of technology through its sale, license and/or transfer; improving our client's internal technology related business development efforts and structuring technology for maximum valuation and acquisition. We provide the deliverables and services required to achieve your business goal. Our client base ranges from the garage inventor to multi-billion dollar corporations and includes universities, law firms and not-for-profits. As every client's needs are unique, our services and solutions are tailored to each situation. Services are offered worldwide.

Tallinn Group's Technology Commercialization service recognizes that every technology and its market position are dynamic and a function of time. Thus, our solutions are tailored to optimize real-time market variables factored with our client's desired goal - sale, license or transfer - and incorporating the level of development of the technology.

When engaged by a client for commercialization of their technology, they receive our dedicated support. Our commercialization services are offered on a "turn key" basis. Our preferred relationship is to take on full responsibility for all activities leading to contract negotiations at which time we will either negotiate on behalf of our client or function as their advisor. We believe our commitment of resources builds the momentum necessary for a compelling delivery of results in a timely fashion that exceed out client's expectations.

Every inquiry is handled personally and with the utmost Confidentiality. We encourage you to call for a free initial consultation. Confidentiality Agreements are available on request for secure and protected discussions.
Our US number is 540-632-1492.

Technology commercialization services offered include:

License, sale or transfer of the core technology and any associated patents
License, sale or transfer of an early stage partially developed technology
License, sale or transfer of a fully developed technology
License, sale or transfer of a previously marketed technology into new markets
Spin out or sale of a technology business unit
Spin out of a technology into a new independent business
Identification and sourcing of industrial partners with/without a licensing or acquisition option
Government agency development collaboration with/without funding support

Technology areas we have recently supported include:

Polymer Chemistry | Aerospace | Paint & Coatings | Pharmaceuticals | Solar Energy
Radioactive Waste | Biocontainment | Nuclear Remediation
Nanotechnology | Defense & Homeland Security | Military | Automotive

The skills and resources required to commercialize a technology will vary. Our commercialization activities draw upon our decades of experience. Core commercialization support will include elements of:

Market Analysis
We perform a thorough market analysis to baseline the state of the market as well as any technologies poised for market entry. What is the current market and its forecast? Is it in decline? Growth? Stagnant? What is the market receptivity to a new entry? Is our client the dominate player? If so, how best to maintain their lead? If not, how best to move them up the competitor ladder or get their technology into the organization that will carry it the furthest.

Competitor Analysis
An analysis is performed on the competing technologies and the companies behind them. What is the state of the competition? How does our client's technology compare to that of the competition? Are other technologies viewed as "evolutionary", "revolutionary", "disruptive"? How does our client's technology compare?

Intellectual Property
Is the technology protected? How defensible are any existing patents? We review the level of intellectual property protection and make recommendations accordingly. What is the level of development? Multiple factors in this category will influence the market receptivity and value of a technology.

Tactical Plan
A focused tactical plan is developed by distilling the sum of technology, market and competitor analysis. This roadmap will drive the actions required for commercialization.

Technology Positioning
Commercialization may require unique and "outside-the-box" approaches for positioning and enhancing the valuation of a technology. For example, beyond straightforward licensing or sale, a more attractive deal might be accomplished placing a technology into a startup company formed for this purpose, securing an initial investment and generating publicity to drive interest. During 2004 we managed such an approach regarding a specific technology which, within 6 months, went from a minimal book value into a startup with a stock value of $10 million.

Independent third-party valuation of the technology. We obtain a valuation when there is any question regarding the basis of a client's in-house valuation or when it is politically advantageous for negotiations.

Contract Negotiations
When a client lacks in-house resources for management of contract negotiations, we manage this activity on their behalf. When a client desires to manage their own negotiations, we will, on request, provide negotiation support at the table or behind the scene. Negotiation support can allow for alternate avenues of communication (the back channel) allowing each party to validate a position without formally introducing it into the negotiations. We have found this approach valuable for overcoming bottlenecks and misunderstandings.
Additionally, we may utilize any or all of the other services offered by Tallinn Group, e.g. business plan development or intellectual property support, as part of our commercialization support.


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