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Strategic Planning and Tactical Implementation Plans

The best business plans will fall short of their potential without proper strategic and tactical planning. We assist our clients with development of their strategic and tactical implementation plans. In some instances, a strategic plan may mirror the business plan. In other instances, the strategic plan will provide the master strategy which is implemented through the business plan. In all instances, the Tactical Plan will provide the day-to-day operational tactics.

Strategic planning typically forces companies to:

Look at the "big picture" to see where the company is going relative to the
  industry, market and competition
Define and communicate their corporate goals
Specify the resources required to achieve the stated goals
Establish milestones and benchmarks
Align management with the corporate compass in a unified direction to
  defined goals

Whereas, Tactical Plans are valuable for:

Short term actions
Define steps necessary to implement the business plan or its subsets
Lay the foundation for the strategic plan

While our desired process is to build the strategic and tactical plan for a client in conjunction with a business plan, we will develop a strategic or tactical plan without the accompanying business plan.

No commercialization activity will succeed without a properly developed strategy. Our Associates have years of experience developing such strategies for emerging, high and established technologies as well as startups, small businesses, large corporations and government agencies. Further, we have experience parsing the differences of what is expected between the corporate boardroom and investor community.

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