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Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets)*

During the commercialization of a technology or its transfer, protection of the intellectual property is of critical importance. Our Associates have decades of experience protecting intellectual property as former patent office examiners to corporate executives. The benefit to our client's is that they receive guidance covering the spectrum from legal pitfalls to corporate realities. Based on a client's specific situation, we may suggest they obtain patent protection, retain their technology know-how as a trade secret or possibly make improvements to an existing patent. A patent for the sake of a patent isn't necessarily good. Our executive experience allows us to provide real world insight to the realities of your situation.

We provide expertise in the formation and management of a company's intellectual property program or audits of existing programs.

Our Intellectual Property experts have:

Extensive experience domestically and internationally - including China, Russia
  and India
Significant experience with the nuances of the patent system in the U.S.
  and internationally
Broad industry experience - what works in the software Industry may be
  disastrous in the biotech field - allow us to show you the landmines!
Sterling credentials (available on request)

We provide assistance during contract negotiations to ensure your intellectual property rights are maintained.

Our Intellectual Property Associate's also provide assistance with trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights.

* Tallinn Group LLC is not a law firm and does not prosecute patent or trademark applications. Associates of Tallinn Group include licensed Patent Attorney's who independently contract patent and trademark applications and provide legal representation. Tallinn Group client's are under no obligation to contract for those legal services; however, those who do receive preferred rates.

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