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Featured Technologies

Presented below are some of the technologies we are currently working and which are available for sale or license. Please call or email for additional informationl.


Biocontainment Biosafety 3 or 3-Ag (BSL-3, BSL 3 Ag) Modular or Mobile Laboratory / Laboratories

Details coming soon.  These are in domestic (US) production and being deployed around the world. Available for sale or lease, these labs are perfect for temporarily increasing research capability or pharmaceutical compounding.  Please call for immediate information.


Helium or non-helium leak testing and leak testing consultation

Like Technology #1 above, greater detail will be posted soon.  Meanwhile, if you have a helium or non-helium leak test need we are facilitating this service technology. Our experts have decades of experience and are able to diagnosis many issues by phone.  Please call for details.





Tallinn Group LLC, announced the availability for immediate license of a promising broad spectrum influenza drug candidate targeted at the Avian (H5N1) flu market.

Originally developed for the oncology market, recent testing performed at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shown that the compound, designated “C46132”, demonstrates a remarkable efficacy against a suite of influenza viruses including H5N1 (Avian flu). C46132 at very low concentrations readily inactivated cell-free as well as cell associated Avian flu (H5N1) virus in addition to other influenza strains. Testing has also shown the compound to be very easily tolerated in-vivo.

“It is our desire to license C46132 to a pharmaceutical partner that will fast track development of this revolutionary drug candidate. Our market analysis indicates the production costs of the active compound to be relatively inexpensive. We believe our lower production cost over vaccines along with greater shelf stability will enhance its global distribution as well as its ability to be strategically stockpiled for pandemic applications. We anticipate fast -track regulatory approval and subsequent rapid market entry compared to vaccines in development. Initial markets we’ve identified include the human influenza drug market with an emphasis on Avian flu. Other near term markets include the poultry industry and the manufacturers of sanitation products.”

The technology is protected by issued patents, patents pending and filed patent applications.

Please contact us to discuss this promising pharmaceutical.


Silicon Based Block Co-Polymer

This is a novel silicone based technology available in several formulations that allow it to be sprayed, poured, caulked, formed into solid panels, foamed (both chemical and syntactic) and applied like a patching compound. It can be applied and cures underwater. Biocompatible. Specialty products include medical devices, coatings, sealants, fixatives, cabling insulation just to mention a few. Significant advantages of this polymer are its extreme radiation, weather and chemical resistance, robust mechanical properties, good flame resistance and thermal and chemical stability. When applied, the final form of the polymer is flexible and crack and stress resistant. It has been demonstrated successfully on non-rigid surfaces in coating and encapsulating applications.

Featured Technologies

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