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Business Development Support (Marketing & Sales)

The proper implementation of your business plan strategy will make the difference between success and failure. We provide our business development support in two ways:

Full or part time dedicated business development support
Augmentation and support of in-house efforts.

Our Business Development support is included as part of our technology commercialization service. However, we have many client's for whom we've optimized their internal efforts who then request our assistance with their in-house programs. As a result of these requests, we are now independently making available our business development (marketing and sales) support to clients who are satisfied with their technology positioning but require extra support with the implementation of their business plan.

Tallinn Group Business Development support will immediately provide your organization:

Executive level experience
Minimal to no ramp up time - we hit the ground running
Knowledge your technology is entering at corporate executive management
  (decision maker) levels not at procurement levels
Shorter time to success based on our skill and experience base - you are not
  paying us to learn

Featured Technologies

Specialized Services Offered

Technology Commercialization
(Licensing, Sale or Transfer)
Business Plan Support
Business Development Support
(Marketing & Sales)
Strategic Planning and Tactical
Implementation Plans

Intellectual Property
(Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets)
Strategic Partners, Joint Ventures, Teaming Relationships
Technology Assessment


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