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We are a fee for service company.

Tallinn Group specializes in the commercialization of technology through its sale, license and/or transfer; improving our client's internal technology related business development efforts and structuring technology for maximum valuation and acquisition. We provide the deliverables and services required to achieve your business goal. Our client base ranges from the garage inventor to multi-billion dollar corporations and includes universities, law firms and not-for-profits. As every client's needs are unique, our services and solutions are tailored to each situation. Services are offered worldwide.

Our Services are provided in areas of focused expertise enabling our client's to pick-and choose the support most critical to their immediate need. We also provide consulting support.

Technology Commercialization (License, Sale or Transfer)
If you require assistance with the sale, license or transfer of a technology, our technology commercialization service is your turn key support solution. We are also experienced with optimizing and re-energizing efforts that are not producing the desired results or have gone off track.

Business Plan Support
A hard hitting focused business plan is critical to providing a corporate roadmap and focusing operations to achieve desired goals and objectives. The type of plan required depends on your target audience. Banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate partners all have differing expectations. Using our demonstrated and proven methodology we develop your plan unique to your needs. We are also experienced revamping existing but underperforming plans. Executive Summary Business Plans (The Elevator Pitch) are also available.

Business Development Support
Is your Business Development (a.k.a. marketing and sales) not achieving the expected results? We provide Business Development support on a full time or augmentation basis. On request, we will audit your existing program and provide recommendations for its optimization.

Strategic and Tactical Plan Development
Do you have the Business Plan but don't know where to start? Do you have a technology and are not certain what to do regarding its marketing? We provide targeted Strategic and Tactical Implementation plans to accelerate you up the commercialization curve.

Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets)
Need a patent or trademark? Have patent issues? Would you like an expert consultation to establish if your technology is better protected as a trade secret or with a patent. Are you in or entering negotiations over a technology and seeking to ensure the contract protects your rights? Our experts are experienced in the nuances of U.S. and international patent law. We also provide assistance with establishing in-house intellectual programs as well as auditing existing programs.

Strategic Partners, Joint Ventures, Teaming Relationships
You've got the perfect plan, your technology is protected, but you need a strategic partner. We will identify, vet and secure strategic partners, establish joint ventures and teaming relationships on your behalf. In addition to the identification of candidates, on request we will actively assist with the establishment the contractual relationship including oversight of the negotiations to ensure your rights are protected and that you are getting a fair and balanced relationship.

Technology Assessment
You need to assess how your technology measures up to the competition or "state-of-the-art". We will develop an independent third party analysis of your technology. Understand the competing technologies. Benchmark yours by learning if it truly addresses a market need and is evolutionary or disruptive.

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Technology Commercialization
(Licensing, Sale or Transfer)
Business Plan Support
Business Development Support
(Marketing & Sales)
Strategic Planning and Tactical
Implementation Plans

Intellectual Property
(Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets)
Strategic Partners, Joint Ventures, Teaming Relationships
Technology Assessment

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